My Technology Narratives

I define technology as all machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge to help accomplish various tasks easily in our daily life. Technology usually involves a specific piece of equipment, but that equipment can be incredibly simple or dazzlingly complex. In our daily life, simple technology can be in the form of electronic and communication.  Electronic technology is all devices that are run on electricity. This includes computers, washing machines, dryers, video players, car radios, televisions and any other devices I plug into the wall outlet. Communication technology includes everything from the old fashioned telegraph, telephone through cell-phones, satellite and internet which is used for communication throughout the world. All those types of technology are created to help us do our daily tasks easily and communicate with others without travelling to other places.

In my personal life, technology has revolutionized my communication. The first communication technology I used that I could not forget was telephone, because telephone helped me keep in touch with my first boyfriend who lived in different town, far away from my hometown. When I was 17 years old, there was not any communication technology like mobile phone, email, and internet to help me communicate with my boyfriend. As a teenager who feel in love for the first time, we always wanted to talk to each other everyday, but it was impossible because the only way to communicate with people in different places was by air mail. That was not always easy because it took time to send and receive mail via post and sometimes the letter that we sent went to the wrong address. When telephone was introduced and used in my hometown, I was so excited. By having telephone, I could easily communicate with him at any time to keep us in touch.


Another example of technology that has affected my life is the computer and all its programs. When I was in my high school before the computer was used, I either had to write out my assignment or typewrite it on the typewriter. However, this was not easy because if I made a mistake there was no way to fix it but to write it over again and it was time consuming.

. typewriter

With the computer though, mistakes could be fixed before I print it out. These mistakes could be solved within seconds. Another great thing about the computer is that it is fast. If I were to write this narrative by hand it would take me about twice the time because I would have to write the letters instead of just pressing buttons to get the letters on the screen.

Next, the computer usually has an internet connection that I could use for communicating with people through email. The internet makes me feel like the world is at my fingertips. Technology has built bridges between people on opposite sides of the globe, and has brought people from all cultures and backgrounds into contact with each other.

I do realize that I depend a lot on technology in doing both my personal and academic tasks. I remember last week when I was on my tech free day, I could not completely be free from technology even for only one hour. For doing simple household choirs, I also depend a lot on technology for example doing my laundry, cooking and even just getting some recipes, I have to use internet both in mobile phone and computer. Imagining my life without technology is very difficult because things would be different from what I am accustomed today. Technology has made me do things faster and easier.

6 thoughts on “My Technology Narratives

  1. Riza,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I do agree that technology helps. But don’t you think that some guidelines should be given to the kids when they start using it at home?


    1. Thanks a lot for your great idea Sukanto. Since I have kids at home, I now realize that guidelines are needed for them to use technology so it will not be misused.

  2. Blake, the author of “Brave new digital classroom” says.. technology will not replace human instructors; teachers who try to use technology in good ways will replace those who don’t.

  3. Hi Reza, first of all. Let me express my admire of your blog design and color. It is really fascinating. Second, I agree with you that technology affect our life all.
    Nice response

  4. Your technology narrative is very interesting! It was especially good to learn how people used to communicate with those living in far places, and how people reacted when they first encountered communication technology like telephone!

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