Tech free day


My tech free day on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. I am not using my computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, fridge, microwave and washing machine. However, I have to still use my stove and lights.

My activities on tech free day

06:00am-08:00 am: Starting my tech free day, I am not using my computer to work on my assignment. Instead, I am reading all articles that I printed out one day before my free tech day.

08.00 am-09.30 am: I am walking to the nearest grocery store to get some vegetables and meat because I decide not to use my fridge. Luckily, I posted a note “TECH FREE DAY” on my fridge door when I am about to take some ice tea after walking back from the grocery store.

09.30-10.30 am : I am cooking some food using only my stove, no microwave is allowed.Cooking helps me kill the time because I do not need to use tech (computer and mobile phone) while cooking.

10.30 am-1.00 pm: I continue reading some books and printed articles and making notes on my note books. I find that making some notes using pen and paper helps me memorize well what I read. I am about to use my computer to access some journals related to the articles I read when I read a sticky post on my computer “TECH FREE DAY”.

After 1.00 pm, I finally decide to use my computer because I need to do some assignments and search some references. Although I am using my computer, I am successfully freeing my day from my mobile phone. I keep looking at the clock and counting the time because I really want to use my mobile phone. But, I do not use my phone at all until 6 pm when I decide that my tech free day is over.


On my tech free day, I think I was not quite successful freeing myself from technology to some extent. I could not completely free from technology on my free tech day because on that day I was still using clock, lights, stove and even my computer. I realize that it was not easy for me to stay away from my mobile phone because I need to communicate with my family back home and my friends. Thus, my mobile phone is the tech device that I miss the most when I was on my tech free day. Since my tech free day was from 6 am to 6 pm, I did not answer any call and text at that time period. My friends and my family back home were wondering what happened with me on that day because I did not answer their call or their text. One good thing that I got from freeing from technology is that I got more physical activities. Since I decided not to use my fridge, I had to walk, rather than drive, to a grocery store to buy some chicken and vegetables before I cook on that day. By walking to the grocery store, I got more physical exercise. I was about to “fail” my tech free day when I was about to open my fridge to take some food. Luckily, I posted a note on my fridge door saying, “TECH FREE DAY TODAY.” My temptation to answer calls and text on mobile phone was saved by a note that I posted on the box where I keep my mobile phone. Since my life has addicted and depended a lot on technology, I feel that it is not easy for me to be free from technology even just one day.



6 thoughts on “Tech free day

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  2. I do not believe that I was able to completely liberate mario games myself from the influence of technology on the day that I decided to abstain from using it.

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