October 2016 archive

My Technology History


  • What key experiences have you had with technology during your life?

Perhaps the first technology I can remember was a camera. My mom had a polaroid camera and used to take pictures of us. I remember being excited to get my turn to take a photo and pull out the piece of paper from the camera then wave it until the picture starts to appear.

  • Where did your ideas about technology come from?

In second grade, I remember we read with the teacher a story about a city in the future where cars drive without drivers and people would wear pack backs that transformed into rocket ships carrying people around to different places. The teacher told us to add an idea to this future city, I remember that I wrote about a watch which enables me to watch TV and listen to music all the time, (Steve Jobs stole my idea J)

  • Who and what shaped your views of technology?

I used to have discussions with my parents about old technologies and new technologies. We used to compare communication in the past such as pigeon post to communications that were new at the time of our discussions such as post letters. Also my grandmother used to talk about how difficult life was when she was young, explaining the hardships of cooking, cleaning, and giving birth. She used to criticize us for being too lazy and too pampered to recognize how much we are blessed by these technologies we have today.

  • Why is technology important to you?

Technology is an inseparable part of my life. It is difficult to just imagine how life would be without any forms of technology. As my grandmother use to say that technology made our lives easier but made us lazy and weak. For me technology did make my life easy but it also helped me to be an educated woman who can find time to do her Ph.D. while taking care of her home and educating her children.