Define Literacy


  • More than the ability to read and write
  • Ability to comprehend secondary discourse (Gee)
  • Ability to interpret text
  • Ability to understand complex ideas
  • Multimodality
    • technology in the digital age
    • Graffiti
    • Critical thinking
    • Reading the world (Freire) using life experience
  • NLS (new literacy studies) (Street) new conceptualization power on the screen rather than the book
    • Connected to social context


  • Inability to comprehend secondary discourse (Gee)
    • distance from dominant discourse
  • New social environment – communicative competence
  • Lack of power, voice, rights
  • Inability to communicate with verbal (written) resources
  • Marginalizing people


  • Power (cow video)
  • Knowledgeable in/about specific contexts/areas
  • Educated on secondary discourses (Gee)
  • Able to negotiate and compromise ideas (Freire)

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