September 2016 archive

Define Literacy


  • More than the ability to read and write
  • Ability to comprehend secondary discourse (Gee)
  • Ability to interpret text
  • Ability to understand complex ideas
  • Multimodality
    • technology in the digital age
    • Graffiti
    • Critical thinking
    • Reading the world (Freire) using life experience
  • NLS (new literacy studies) (Street) new conceptualization power on the screen rather than the book
    • Connected to social context


  • Inability to comprehend secondary discourse (Gee)
    • distance from dominant discourse
  • New social environment – communicative competence
  • Lack of power, voice, rights
  • Inability to communicate with verbal (written) resources
  • Marginalizing people


  • Power (cow video)
  • Knowledgeable in/about specific contexts/areas
  • Educated on secondary discourses (Gee)
  • Able to negotiate and compromise ideas (Freire)

Going Tech Free

Technology has indeed transformed my life; it was hard to go tech free the whole day. When I first told my husband and kids about it, they laughed and said that I will not be able to do it. They said that because they know how attached I am to my laptop and mobile phone. I use my laptop every day for reading and doing my homework, and I use my phone for social media mostly to connect with family and friends. I went tech free on Thursday because I did not have any classes that day. In the morning, I was able to finish cleaning my house and finish doing the laundry which was haunting me for weeks. I had an urge between cleaning tasks to look at my mobile phone but I ignored it. I felt that I would missing some important messages or emails. So, during my coffee break at around 12 p.m I cheated and checked my emails and my social medias (WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat). The funny thing was that I decided to open Facebook although it’s been months since I last opened it, here I knew that I am addicted to technology and social media. I also wanted to listen to music while cleaning but I decided to have a quite cleaning time as much as I can. However, at 6 p.m while I was waiting for my kids to finish their gymnastic class, which lasted for an hour, I felt bored so I used my mobile phone. There was nothing important, I checked messages, Instagram, and Snapchat. I acknowledge that all of these are social media which are not important and take so much of my time, however I feel relaxed and happy when I check them. I usually do not use technology or do homework between 5 and 9 because it’s the time I spend with my kids, help them with their homework, play, and have dinner. But at around 10 p.m I missed my laptop and I was not able to force myself not to use it, so I convinced myself that I need to do some homework, but after 15 minutes, I watched Netflix.

Overall, going tech free did help get more physical and finish the tasks I have been holding for a long time like cleaning. It did help me realize more how addicted I am to social media which is really not important and take so much time. I decided to cut back on my social media usage and take time to be more physical and finish other tasks my life demands me to do.

Time Travel and Technology

Comparing the two films shows how film technology has evolved through time. For example, the 1960 film had more emphasis on sound effects whereas in the 2002 film the emphasis was more on the visual effects. With early film technology, the director focused more on actors dramatic acting and on load dramatic sounds to show the intensity of the scene. However, with advanced film technology, the director focuses on camera movements and visual effects to emphasis the intensity.

Due to the technological advances to technology, we as viewers are always expecting more from directors. We always look forward for the next exciting movie that has the most advanced visual and special effects out there. we went from TV to cinama, 3D, IMAX, and Visual Realty.  Story lines and dialogues  are starting to be less interesting while the special effects are always an important component in movies.