Meet the Intern, Emily

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” –Anna Quindlen

My name is Emily Shook and I am just a small town girl who followed her love of books to college. I grew up in Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania — not too far from Indiana. I have one younger brother who also attends IUP and is a freshman in the Safety Science program. A little about me: I love history, I really enjoy writing stories and over the summer I not only got to babysit six beautiful kids from two different families, but I also had the chance to work on a horse farm in Blairsville. When I’m not in class or reading a book I’m either with my sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma doing community service, babysitting, crafting, fishing, cooking or working on my internship at our very own Stapleton Library on campus. I chose to do an internship at the library because it is giving me the opportunity to work with social media, research, and inform other students just how useful the library is to college students and how much it has to offer them. Not only can it make them successful college students, but that it also offers very interesting and amazing different artifacts that are not available anywhere else.

Currently I am a senior here at IUP majoring in English Literary, Textual, and Cultural studies with a minor in Criminology and am graduating in May 2017. Once I graduate I will hopefully be going to graduate school focusing in composition and literature.