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Everyday morning, I look at some websites on my laptop or my cell phone to follow the news in the Middle East. In addition to that, I look at the Whatsup messages to know the news of my daughter who has been finalizing her documents to travel to Scotland to study dentistry. However, on Saturday, 24th September, I decided to stop using technology as a respond to Dr. Pagnucci’s class.

At the beginning, I asked myself, will I be able to stop using these devices for a whole day? I had to find a way to release myself from the technology for one day as a break. Therefore, we planned to go for a barbeque somewhere out the apartment.

I woke up at 9 am and I didn’t open both devices and engaged myself in preparing things for going out. Even for the watch, I looked at the clock that is available in the microwave to ignore the devices. This is how I spent the first ours of my morning.

At 11 am I was curious to look at the news and for any Whatsup messages as usual. But, I kept reminding myself that this is a free tech day. I told my wife about the homework that was given to us by Dr. Pagnucci; and as I expected she said that was a good homework. At least, I could relieve my eyes from screens and technology. She was happier when she heard that today I am not going to read anything for my school. She thought it was an interesting idea to leave things for one day to start again with clear mind and to be with the family.

At 12 pm, we loaded things in the car except my laptop and left to Yellow Creek State Park. Though the place was wonderful, I asked my wife to use my cell

phone to take photos. Fortunately, we have a Whatsup group for our family that I didn’t have to look at my device to follow my daughter’s issues of her preparation to travel and other issues. Her mother told me all the news. To be honest, it was difficult to not look at the news that morning and to communicate with my daughter and to know the last news as usual. However, it was nice to feel free for a whole day.

At 2 pm I was with my children in the lake having barbeque and playing. I felt I would like to thank Dr. Pagnucci for this homework, which assist me to look at the nature without and run and laugh.

At about 3:30 pm I got a call from a friend to ask me about an issue. To be frank, in such cases I found it was difficult to not pick the phone to talk to him. Sometimes the call is important and I had to answer. I continued playing and enjoying my time with my children and I felt like I haven’t laugh and run with them for years.

At 4:30 we left the lake and headed to our home and spend that evening with my family chatting and looking at the boys playing with their Xbox. It was not difficult to leave devices and live a day free tech for one reason. I mostly use my cell phone to call and receive call or messages or contact my few people through the Whatsup apps. Since I came to the USA and changed my phone number, many of the contacts didn’t have my contact number. That reduced the amount of messages I receive which is positive for me. I don’t use other social communication app more than the Facebook from time to another. My hardest part was to stop using the laptop because I have to do readings and look for some Youtubes for listening to some lectures and identifying some concepts. Even for reading, I mostly print out the article I want to read. That evening I slept earlier so that I can wake up early morning to do some readings and return to the look at the news.

A short term of the free tech was that I found myself isolated from the world and knowledge, which was reading for the courses. The long term effect of the activity was an appropriate way to take break from school and live and play with my children. It was good to return to the nature and move free. I thought I need to repeat this Saturday every two weeks to refresh myself and my brain from busy days. I found that leaving technology and engaging in doing other things makes me feel of the time. I found that technology thieving our time and pleasure minutes with our beloved ones whether our families or friends. I felt happy that this experiment demonstrated to me that I am not addicted to technology. It is to say that though I was not reading or looking at devices, the thoughts of the assignment and other issues were going on. That is the thing which I was not able to stop because it obligated me to think about them. We can free ourselves from reading and using technology for some time, but, we cannot shun spontaneous pouring thoughts and ideas, which I suggest it is a health phenomenon.


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  1. It was really good to read that you could have more time with your family by making your isolated from the technology! Since I’m still single nobody would complain about my being addicted to the technology whole day.

  2. Hi Brother Saeed. It was really good experience to read your experience of going tech-free for a day. However, isn’t car a one-technology aspect? 🙂

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