My Technology History


The first technology piece I worked with was pager. That was in the 1994. Later I got my cell phone which was the beginning of using the web browser. I still remember that the first laptop I purchased was bought to me was from the USA by my friend who was doing his PhD in Pittsburgh.

My uses of computer were not more than to write on the Microsoft word and browsing the Internet. I didn’t depend a lot on the computer a lot because most my work with students in the class was based on prepared materials and the whiteboard. Another point is that, I still prefer to read different types of literary texts from books rather than screen. I feel myself living the event and passion with the author and concentrate more than using technology. For that, I have my own small library at home to read from time to time. I try to add new books from bookstore and from some book fairs.

I started using Google more when I started my higher studies and looking for unavailable resources such as journal and books. I have found uncle google is always helpful even for locating free journals that needs to register into some websites to purchase or reading them. Later, as a teacher of English I worked download some materials from the internet and use them in my classes to motivate students to learn English.

Computers and cell phones and the most important devices from me for more than a reason. For my studies, working environment, the computer is the best to get my resources. Cell phones have become an effective device to use to find for information when there is not internet connection for my computers to find e-sources. In addition, as staying in a country as the USA or visiting another country, the GPS has become a close friend. For that, going away without technology has become difficult from various reasons. For instance, keeping interaction with others, finding my way to a new place, checking my emails, …etc. in spite of this relation with technology, I try to leave it a way and live without it when I can even if that for few hours.

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  1. Wow, your first laptop was brought from the US? And, it’s interesting to read that your first experience of laptop was quite similar with mine (Microsoft Word and the Internet)!

  2. Hi Saeed,
    This is interesting to read your history. I enjoyed it a lot.
    I also think that technology is important but I think children should be taught how to make a positive use of technology. Now a days, many parents give the advantage of using technology to their kids. It is fine but let them know the best and positive use of it. Otherwise, it is like giving fire to them without teaching how to use it properly.
    What do you think?


    • I agree with you Sukantu that children must be well directed through their family members to use technology properly. technology is a two face dimension that can be used positively or negatively. However, every generation has to be guided differently from others. The new coming generation are demanding and touched to computers and technology more than the previous one. Therefore, they need to be guided wisely because sometimes they feel they don’t want to be manipulated with old or conservative thoughts.

  3. Dr. Saeed,
    I am happy to read how you contextualize your response. I agree with you that “Computers and cell phones and the most important devices.” You are absolutely right.

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  5. Technology rushed forward, and soon the Terminator film will be embodied in the truth.
    By the way, I also use the Internet only for reading news)))

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