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Have you attended a CTE event? We would like you to share your experience by writing a short reflection. Are you in a learning circle? Please share with us your group’s trials and tribulations. The goal of the CTE blog is to share reflections, teaching experiences, teaching strategies, theory, tips, resources, and anything else teaching and learning related with not only IUP faculty, but with local, state, and global teaching community at-large.

Faculty at all ranks (including Teaching Associates) may submit a short manuscript. Submissions may be between 200-500 words and may be based upon any theme. Some ideas include but are not limited to CTE related events, reflections, resources, teaching experiences, teaching strategies, and basic teaching tips. You may also choose to write a short summary about one of the CTE and IUP Library subscriptions or other resources. Subscriptions include the Teaching Professor, Online Classroom, Monday Morning Mentor, Faculty Focus, and Magna Commons.

Please submit your manuscripts on a Microsoft Word Document to: Sarah Everett, and Dr. Stephanie Taylor-Davis . You will receive confirmation that your manuscript has been received within 1-3 business days.

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