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MMM: How Should I Manage Conflict Within My Department?

Published on: Author: wkkw

In the October 9th edition of the Monday Morning Mentor (MMM), Jeffery Buller (Ph.D.) and Robert Cipriano (Ed.D.) discussed managing conflict within academic departments. They first explained that conflict can have both positive and negative roles in any department, then highlighted strategies for proactively managing departmental conflict, and finally ended with a role play demonstrating… Continue reading

MMM: Designing Innovative Assignments for the Online Classroom

Published on: Author: wkkw

In last week’s Monday Morning Mentor (MMM), Dr. Jean Mandernach (Grand Canyon University) discusses the ways in which traditional online educational theory and approaches can be revamped for the online learning environment. She says the best way to build innovative assignments is to make sure they are authentic, holistic, and designed after the course objectives.… Continue reading