Welcome to the CTE Blog!

Beginning in Fall 2017, the IUP Center for Teaching Excellence launched it’s blog and social media platforms in an effort to establish a new online community to connect faculty and teaching associates across disciplines.

The goals of the CTE Blog are to:

  1. share and promote  CTE related events, reflections, resources, teaching experiences, teaching strategies, and basic teaching tips.
  2. To highlight CTE and IUP online faculty subscriptions.
  3. To connect the CTE website to social media for more engagement with CTE online.

Blog Director:

Marie Webb

Marie is a second year Doctoral student in the Ph.D. in Composition and Applied Linguistics program. She is the Media and Events Coordinator Graduate Assistant for the IUP Center for Teaching Excellence. When she is not teaching online or scoring TOEFL iBT or SAT Writing exams, she enjoys hiking in White’s Woods and Face-timing her family and dog back home in California.

Blog Coordinator:

Lauren Gaynord

Lauren Gaynord is a Ph.D. candidate in the Literature and Criticism program and a temporary faculty member in the English department. When she is not grading papers or researching new strategies to help keep her students engaged in the writing process, she enjoys exploring Pennsylvania’s state parks and sneaking in an occasional book just for fun.


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