American Society for Competitiveness encourages submission of articles to the following related journals


The Journal of Competitiveness Studies is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on the competitive positioning of firms in the global market and on national competitiveness in a changing global business environment. The journal combines conceptual analysis and normative considerations in order to shape the discourse on competitiveness in scholarly and policy circles.


We publish four times a year. 


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Focusing on business competition in the global marketplace, CF provides a forum for understanding the nature of competition, global interdependence and connectivity, and the essence of competing on a global scale. In addition, CF presents original articles on a wide range of subjects related to business conduct and operations within and across nations. Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome. 


We publish bi-annually. 


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Please email your manuscript as a Word document to Be sure to specify the intended journal in your subject line. The Society publishes these journals with funds from membership fees; therefore, there is no cost to submit and publish in either journal.

Refer to the individual journal’s page for detailed information. 


Review Process

We use a blind-review process. Our reviewers come from a range of backgrounds and have special research interests, including:

Management Marketing Trade
Satisfaction Evaluation Human Resource
HR Management Communication Finance
Small Business Statistics Qualitative Methods
Operation Research Quality Control Leadership
Oil/Energy Industry Political Science Law Management

Once our editor-in-chief reviews the paper, they will assign appropriate reviewers and ask them to complete an evaluation form and offer revision suggestions. That form is linked here for those who are further interested in our process.

Evaluation Form