Award Recipients

2017 Conference – Tysons Corner, VA

Dr. Robert C. Camp – Lifetime Service Award

Grover Norquist – Lifetime Service Award

2016 Conference – Tysons Corner, VA

the Honorable James B. Renacci, United States House of Representatives

William R. Hackney, Atlanta Capital, for His Continuing Support for ASC

2015 Conference – Tysons Corner, VA

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Alex Nowrasteh, Cato Institute

2014 Conference – Tysons Corner, VA

Dimitri Simes, President of the Center for The National Interest

John Hillen, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

2013 Conference – Pittsburgh, PA

ASC 2013 Award for Contributions to Global Competitiveness in Manufacturing: Kennametal, Inc.

2012 Conference – Crystal City, VA

Bill Hackney, Senior Partner, Atlanta Capital Management: Can America Get Its Mojo Back? David Norquist, A.T. Kearney: Federal Financial Management ? Sources of Efficiency and Inefficiencies in Budgeting and Auditing

Bryan S. Putt, CEO, American International Relocation Solutions (AIReS):

2011 Conference – Orlando, FL

John D. Rogers, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer, CFA Institute: The Competitive Challenges of Expanding Globally

Ann Lee-Jeffs, Senior Director Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson: Sustainability, Collaboration: The Next Competitiveness

2010 Conference – Tysons Corner, VA

Dr. Mark Doms, Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Commerce for his tireless Efforts for Enhancing U.S. Trade Position Abroad

William R. Hackney, III, Managing Partner & Principal, Chief Investment Officer, Atlantic Capital Management Co., LLC for Quality Investment Practices

Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell, Senior Fellow, CATO Institute for Promoting Tax Reform and Trade Liberalization

2008 Conference – Orlando, FL

Majed G. Tomeh – President and CEO, QCMetrics, Inc, for his leadership in improving quality health care in a highly competitive environment, ASC Award

Gary Dahlke, John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA, ASC Award for Continuous Quality Improvement
Fresh Creek Technologies, ASC Medallion for Innovation in Emerging Technologies

Jeff Stewart, Chairman of ASC Advisory Council and former President of ASC, ASC Medallion for Leadership in Public Service and Lifetime Contributions to Competitiveness Education

2007 Conference – Tulsa, OK

Roger Randle and Sharon Gallagher, ASC Advisory Council Mastery Catalyst Recognition

Accumentrix & CIEI-OCU Joint Venture, Business Case Study, Multi-Year Crosby Recognition

Avaya, Philip R. Crosby Medallion for Global Competitiveness

Azima and Greenfuels, Business Case Study, Multi-Year Crosby Recognition

John Q. Hammons and Robert L. Herbst, ASC Advisory Council Mastery Mentor Recognition

Perseco, Business Case Study, Multi-Year Crosby Recognition

HAVI, Philip R. Crosby Medallion for Global Competitiveness

2006 Conference – Fairfax, VA

GreenFuel Technologies Corporation (GFTC), ASC Medallion for Energy Award

Bruce Merrifield, former U.S. Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, and Emeritus Professor, Wharton Business School, Philip Crosby Medallion for Lifetime Contributions to Global Competitiveness through Leadership in Research, Management and Public Policy

2005 Conference – Washington, DC

Bruce Merrifield, former U.S. Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, and Emeritus Professor, Wharton Business School, Philip Crosby Medallion

2004 Conference – Washington, DC

Elaine L. Chao, U.S. Secretary of Labor, American Society for Competitiveness Award

Tom Harvey, Chairman of Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF), Philip Crosby Medallion

2003 Conference – Washington, DC

Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc. American Society for Competitiveness Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Competitiveness and Workforce Development

Timothy Muris, Chairman, Federal Trade Commission. ASC Public Policy Award

2002 Conference – Washington, DC

J. Ottman Consulting, Inc. for Advancing an Understanding of Green Marketing and Eco-Innovation as Sources of Competitive Advantage in Modern Business

2001 Conference – Washington, DC

Comcast Corporation. American Society for Competitiveness Award for Outstanding Performance in a Highly Competitive Telecommunications Industry

Max Maisala, Executive Chairperson, NBC Holdings SA, American Society for Competitiveness Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Competitiveness.

2000 Conference – Atlanta, GA

Lucent Technologies, Wireless Network Group. Philip B. Crosby Medal for Global Competitiveness through Quality in Entrepreneurial Teamwork and Fast Results.

1999 Conference – Atlanta, GA

Coca-Cola Company. Philip B. Crosby Medal for Excellence in Global Competitiveness.

Andrew Young. Philip B. Crosby Medal for Advancing Global Competitiveness through International Public Policy.

1998 Conference – Boston, MA

The Gillette Company. Philip B. Crosby Medal of Excellence in Manufacturing.

Taylor H. Cox, Jr., University of Michigan. Award for Outstanding Academic Contributions to Competitiveness.

1997 Conference – Tulsa, OK

Rosalie Tung Ming and Stella Wong, Professors of International Business, Simon Fraser University. ASC Award for Advanced Global Competitiveness Research.

Keith Bailey, COB and CEO, The Williams Companies, Inc. ASC Award for Progressive Business-Education Alliance.

Herbert D. Kelleher, COB, President and CEO, Southwest Airlines, Inc. Philip B. Crosby Medal of National Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership.

Miko Kitano, President and CEO, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, USA, Inc. Philip B. Crosby Medal of Growth Leadership through Best Global Export Practices.

Robert L. Lattimer, Global Associate Partner, Andersen Consulting, ASC Award Global Strategy Formulation and Execution.

1996 Conference – Atlanta, GA

Michael A. Hitt, Paul M. and Rosalie Robertson, Chair, Texas A&M University, and President of the Academy of Management. Award for Academic Contributions to Competitiveness.

Hewlett-Packard. Philip B. Crosby Medal.

1995 Conference – Dallas, TX

C. K. Prahalad. Award for Academic Contributions to Competitiveness.

Scott McNeally, CEO, Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation. Philip B. Crosby Medal.

George Bush, President of the United States of America. Award for Outstanding Public Sector Contribution to Competitiveness.

1994 Conference – Boston, MA

George N. Hatsopoulos, Founder and CEO of Thermo Electron Corporation. Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurial Contributions to Competitiveness.

Michael E. Porter, Harvard University. Award for Academic Contributions to Competitiveness.

Robert W. Galvin, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Motorola, Inc. Award for Private Sector Contributions to Competitiveness.

Paul E. Tsongas, Former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts; Co-founder of the Concord.

1993 Conference – Arlington, VA

Recognized Leaders – Manuel Suarez-Mier, Minister of Economic Affairs, Embassy of Mexico.

1992 Conference – Phoenix, AZ

Recognized Leaders – Dean Borman, President, McDonnel Douglas Helicopter Company.

1990 Conference – Pittsburgh, PA

Recognized Leaders – J. H. Hommen, Treasurer and Vice President, Alcoa.