Instructions for Authors Competition Forum

Guidelines for papers selected from the ASC Conference to be included in the Competition Forum.

Please consider the following before submitting your article:

1. A registration fee (check, payable to ASC) must be included with your submission; otherwise the paper will not be published.

2. The page limit including the first page, tables, charts, and so on, is 8 pages; each extra page beyond this limit will cost the author $10 per page. Payment by check ($10 per page; payable to ASC) for excessive pages should accompany your registration form.

3. References MUST be checked carefully.

4. All Tables and Figures MUST be included WITHIN the text.

5. Your paper must meet the guidelines outlined in this document or it will not be published in the Competition Forum.


In order for any paper to be included in the Competition Forum, the paper must meet the following:


· All papers must be typed, single-spaced, on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

· Margins should be set at 0.88” top, 1.25” bottom, and 0.75” right and left.

· Base font should be set to Times New Roman in a 12- point size.

· All text should be fully justified.



· One 12-point line is skipped, then the title should be printed in title case (initial caps), 18 point type, and flush to the left margin. Titles that fill more than one line should be single-spaced, and each line is left-justified.

· The author(s) and affiliation(s) should be flush-left, single-spaced, and typed beginning on the second line below the title as shown in the attachment. Use 10-point type. Do not use titles such as “Dr.” or “Professor”. Additional authors and affiliations should be stacked under the first with no space between. Affiliations should include only your institution’s name.

· Skip one line, then place top and bottom paragraph borders around the title and authors (including the blank space above and below). Use the default ½-point line thickness.



· The executive summary appears two line spaces below the paragraph border after the authors’ names. It should be italicized in 12 pt. font, Times New Roman.

· The heading ‘EXECUTIVE SUMMARY’ should be 12-point, centered, capitalized and bolded (consistent with the HEADINGS requirement noted below).

· It should not exceed 100 words and should be an overview of the paper and not a repetition of the conclusion.



· Leave one blank line after the executive summary, then in plain font flushed left, add the word “Keywords:” followed by five or six keywords in title case (initial caps for important words).



· All headings should be bold, centered and CAPITALIZED.

· Use 12-point size. Please skip two (2) line spaces above and below.


· Sub-headings should be bold, centered and use an initial capital for each word (Title case). Leave one line space above and below each sub-heading.


· Indent new paragraphs one horizontal space, except after headings or sub-headings when text begins flush left. Leave 1 line space above and below paragraphs.



· Figures and tables should be placed as close as possible to the location in the text where they are first cited. Their identification labels should be centered, typed in all CAPS, and appear above the table or figure as follows:


All figures and tables must be photo-reproducible. Please give attention to symbols or parts of a figure that are essential for understanding your core message.

All pages, including those with tables, must be portrait orientation.

    ***Special note: tables can be quite difficult to format and arrange properly, please take the time to ensure that any tables and/or figures are
       correctly placed in your manuscript before submitting***


· The style guidelines for references and bibliographies must follow the publications manual of the American Psychological Association. Titles of journals or books will be italicized instead of underlined. There should be no blank lines between consecutive references. Use a ¼-inch hanging indent for your references section. PLEASE NOTE: Reference styles must be observed, otherwise the paper will not be included.


· The page limit including the first page, tables, charts, and so on, is 8 pages; each extra page beyond this limit will cost the author $10 per page. Payment by check (payable to ASC) for excessive pages should be sent in with the registration form.