Competition Forum

Abbas J. Ali, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Managing Editor
Helen T. Bailie, Penn State University – Altoona
Robert C. Camp, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Book Review Editor
Deepak Subedi, Marshall University
Associate Editor
Abu N.M. Waheeduzzaman, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

Aims and Scope

Competition Forum (CF) is a leading scholarly outlet focusing on business competition in the global marketplace. It provides a forum for understanding the nature of competition, global interdependence and connectivity, and the essence of competing on a global scale. In addition, CF presents original articles on a wide range of subjects related to business conduct and operations within and across nations. Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome. Papers written by emerging scholars are encouraged. All papers submitted should be original and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts are subject to double-blind peer review.

Primarily, CF focuses on broadening the understanding of the nature of the marketplace in a globalized economy where complex actors respond simultaneously and instantaneously to market signals, thereby widening the arena of competition without limiting organizational goals to mere simple profit. That is, business organizations should purposefully engage in activities which ultimately optimize their long- term achievements and strengthen their capacity for renewal and growth. Accordingly, CF seeks to enhance firms’ abilities to sustain their market long-term vitality, while effectively serving their stakeholders.

The Competition Forum observes ethical conduct. It is expected that editors, reviewers, and authors be committed to a high standard of scholarly writing that meets ethical requirements. Our commitment to ethics in publication is primarily based on the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.


Guidelines for Initial Submission of Manuscripts to

For Submission, please contact Helen Bailie at:

Electronic submission should be sent to: American Society for Competitiveness Journal Office

Manuscript Length: 16-25
Copies Required: Three
Computer Submission: Yes
Format: MS Word 97 or higher
Fees to review: 30.00 US$
Manuscript Style: American
Psychological Association
Reader: Academics, Business Persons
Frequency of Issue: 1-2 Times/Year
Copies per Issue: Less than 1,000
Sponsor/Publisher: American Society for Competitiveness
Subscribe Price: 60.00 US$
Type of Review: Blind Review
No. of External Reviewers: 2
No. of In House Reviewers: 1
Acceptance Rate: 35-40%
Time to Review: 2-3 Months
Reviewers Comments: Yes
Invited Articles: 21-30%
Fees to Publish: 0.00 US$ up to 25 pgs


Capitalism and Free Market Economy, Competition and Change, International Business; Public Responsibilities & Ethics, Business Education; Multinational Corporations; Global Business; International Trade Competition; Merger & Acquisitions; Expatriate Assignments; International politics & world economy; Geopolitics; Marketing Theory & Applications; Non Profit Organizations; Organizational Development; Purchasing/Materials Management; Strategic Management Policy; Technology/Innovation; Transportation/Physical Distribution


Editor’s Comment

Various topics on competition and firm performance are sought. The objective is to provide authors with an outlet to publish their research on a timely basis. Most of the articles that are published in the journal were presented at the American Society for Competitiveness Conference. All papers are reviewed by two outside reviewers.

References and Bibliographies

The style guidelines for references and bibliographies must follow the publications manual of the American Psychological Association. Titles of journals or books will be italicized instead or underlined. Please note: Reference styles must be observed, otherwise the paper will not be included. Below are examples.

Journal Articles

Author. (Date). Title of article – lowercase. Title of Journal – italicized, volume (number), pages. Paivio, A. (1988). Perceptual comparisons through the mind’s eye. Memory and Cognition 3 (5), 653-668.

Chapter in Book

Author. (Date). Title of chapter – lowercase. In editor’s name(s) (Ed.), Title of book – italicized and lowercase (pp. 000-000). City: Publisher.

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Entire Book

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