July 30th Post


Today I continued what is now a time-crunching effort to complete my hours and provide Michelle and Stephanie with the data they need to confidently send out press releases. I’ve got data available for every media outlet I’m aware of. I’m just making sure that it is accurate and in a format that Outlook can turn into distribution lists.

Moving forward I’ll continue this charge to get the data into shape. This process drives home the point that calling newsrooms is a great way to learn about the areas in which they are circulated or broadcast. Tomorrow I have a meeting scheduled with Michelle and Stephanie. I’ll be showing them how to use the method for uploading CSV data into Outlook to create press-release distribution lists.


  • 9:40-10:31 (51min)
  • 10:32-11:48 (76min)
  • 12:01-2:15 (134min)
  • 3:10-6:42 (212min)

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