Tuesday May 21st


Today, I went through orientation. I sat down with Stephanie Keppich and learned about the major assignment I’ll be working on. I’m going to help the Marketing and Communications Department get in contact with media organizations around the State.

One thing Stephanie taught me today was what a DMA is. It is a region where the population can receive similar television or radio media. Nielson helps keep track of where the lines of the markets are around the country. This is a relevant detail for my position since I only need concern myself with media organizations that impact our target market.

For tomorrow, and moving forward, I need to think about how to share a list of email contacts with other members of the IUP community so that when we send out press releases, we can successfully email blast the right people.


– 9:00-9:50 (orientation and initial contact hunt assignment)
– 9:51-10:06 (setup work station and checked email)
– 10:07- 10:10 (investigated one drive)
– 10:11-10:24 (began file management process on desktop and one drive).
– 10:30-10:52 (determined that there really are only three news stations that cover Allegheny county)
– 10:53- 12:45 (compiled contact info data for the three major TV Stations in Allegheny County)
– 12:46-1:00 (inquired about payroll situation, and began hourly log.)

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