August 2nd Post


As the logs over the past couple days show, I’m working some late nights. The data entry process has actually made my hand sore from all the copying and pasting. Today was the last day of phone calls I’ll do and also my last day in the office.

I had a productive meeting with Stephanie and confirmed that she understands how to create distribution lists in Outlook. I also received confirmation from Michelle that she was very pleased with my work. It was gratifying to hear. I also offered praise of her leadership during my internship. Over the next few days, I’ll work at home to finish entering the data and we’ll see if I’m able to get it done.


  • 10:13-12:36 (143min)
  • 12:32-6:18 (346min)
  • 9:18-12:14 (176min)
  • 12:40-2:15 (95min)
  • 10:01-10:20
  • 11:04-12:00

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