July 25th Post


Today, I got caught up on blogs. But more importantly, I finished converting the data Michelle gave me at the start of the semester into a format that I can upload to Outlook. This is significant because it means that, even if I’m not able to double-check it all by the end of the semester, most, if not all, of the counties have a shot of being contacted by us should we need to do so.

Moving forward, I’ll need to double check all of this data. I learned today that Michelle was unaware that I’d completed the culinary extern press releases. I need to make sure that I’m communicating more effectively.


  • 9:31-12:28 (177min
  • 1:45-2:12 (27min)
  • 5:43-7:07 (blogged) (84min)
  • 7:07-7:19 (12min)



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