Tech Free Day

  • How successful were you at going Tech/Literacy free for a day?

It wasn’t successful at all. I failed, I used my cellphone several time though the day, and my laptop once.

  • What was the hardest thing about trying to go Tech/Literacy free?

The hardest thing was not using my iphone for long time, an hour or so. Although it is with me all day long.

  • How did your friends/family respond to you do the task?

I told my mom, brother, and one of my friends. They did not understand why and they were sure that I will fail.

  • What was the short term impact on you of doing this task?

I appreciated how technology made our life easier, even if it was only for a certain aspect in our life as academia or socialization.

  • Was there any long term impact on you?

Maybe try not to depend 100% on using technology all the time. Take a break!

  • Did going Tech/Literacy free cause you to get more physically active or less? Why?

Yes, definitely. That’s why I chose Saturday to be my Tech Free day because I knew that I will be out all day with friends.

I do not like using my phone a lot when I am around people. Last Saturday I tried doing this, and it was harder than ever. Maybe because I was conscious about the use of it.

  • What did you miss the most while you were going Tech/Literacy free?

I was thinking since when our life is centered around technology that much?

How would our life be without technology? I think our life will be more difficult.

  • What did you miss the least?

Maybe I can say checking email.. maybe because it was a weekend and I don’t want to check it anyway.

  • Overall, what did you think of this experience?

It is a wonderful experience. Made me realized how difficult it is to be consciously tech free!

Made me appreciate more having a slow internet than not having it at all.


Freire says, “Reading does not consist merely of decoding the written word or language; rather, it is preceded by and intertwined with knowledge of the world” (p. 29). How do you think the world has shaped your view of reading? How has it shaped your students’ views?


Are we read, are are getting exposed to knowledge. This knowledge can be coming from different perspective and different cultures. Reading helps us to see the world differently, from different angles. Reading can shape students’ way of thinking of the world in many ways. Students can learn to think differently, and maybe more creatively.


Freire also says, “Learning to read and write means creating and assembling a written expression for what can be said orally” (p. 35). Schoalrs have argued about the differences between orality and literacy. What role do you feel orality has played in shaping your views of literacy?


Orality has played a role in shaping my views of literacy. It broadened the definition of literacy to me. I thought that literacy is all about reading and writing. I have never thought of orality as an option. I never thought that there are some cultures who value orality, and have been influenced by orality.