Submit a Podcast Proposal

The CTE Podcast Series is all about sharing great ideas and thinking across disciplines in order to enhance the practice of teaching and benefit the entire IUP teaching community. We are open to hearing from you, especially if there is an idea you would like to see us cover on the podcast series in the future. The CTE Podcast Series is a place to provide a platform for focused, interdisciplinary round-table discussion about particular topics related to teaching. Each podcast must have a specific theme. 

Anyone currently teaching at IUP (includes all faculty – permanent, temporary, part-time, and teaching associates) is welcome to submit a proposal. Proposals for presenting should provide no more than 250 words about your interdisciplinary idea.

Please submit your idea podcast idea to both and


Open Calls!

The following list contains calls for Podcast Episodes that are currently open and awaiting a group of faculty to discuss. Please submit a proposal anytime to both and Once there is a small group of interested faculty a recording date will be arranged. Recording may take place during the academic semester or during the summer depending on faculty availability.

  1. Learning Transfer
  2. Online Teaching