CTE Podcast: Living By the Book Part 2

We’ve checked in with two of our CTE members about their project where they live by the book “Writing your Journal Article in 12 Weeks” to see where they’ve ended up this semester.


Link to Podcast with Captions- https://itube.iup.edu/media/CTE+PodcastA+By+the+Book+pt+2/1_i5h8zey3/56066541


If you would like to submit a podcast idea, please email s.j.everett2@iup.edu or BrandonJGalum@gmail.com

Podcast Call for Proposals


We’re looking for new podcast proposals!


The IUP Center for Teaching Excellence is proud to continue to present our podcast series on teaching techniques here at IUP. We’re looking for more podcast topics and panelists! if you have a topic or a concept that you feel fits within the realm of pedagogy, you should submit a podcast proposal! To learn what information should be included in your proposal, see the attached form.


Must Include:

250 word proposal describing podcast topic

A description of how the topic engages with pedagogy

A description of how the topic is interdisciplinary

A list of tentative participants

(if you have a podcast idea, but don’t have 2-3 panelists, we can send out a call for panelists as well!)

Email proposals to: Brandon Galm B.J.Galm@iup.edu or Sarah Everett S.J.Everett2@iup.edu


Living by the Book: A CTE Podcast

Link to Podcast with Captions on iTube-




Host: Brandon Galm

Featuring: Mimi Benjamin and Julie Ankrum

Assistant: Sarah Everett

Two IUP faculty members are following the lead of their favorite podcast and living their lives by following the book Write Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks. If you are interested in participating in their project and working on your own journal article, please contact Mimi or Julie by mid-November 2018.

APSCUF Promotion Prep Podcast

APSCUF Promotion Prep Podcast


Podcast with Captions- https://itube.iup.edu/media/Promotion+Prep+Podcast-+APSCUF/1_6krjul2d/56066541

Planning for the promotion process while in a tenure-track position is a valuable use of time, even during the early years of your tenure-track role. Colleagues on campus can provide advice and ideas as you undertake this journey.


Podcast Provided by: APSCUF Newer Faculty Committee



Mimi Benjamin, APSCUF NFC Chair

Justin Fair, Current UWPC Chair

Vicky Ortiz, APSCUF NFC member

Tim Runge, Recently Promoted Faculty


Production Assistance: Brandon Galm