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Resume-Alexander-Aquino-Flores –

Interning for Mrs.Diaz I was responsible for producing logos, ads, and the organization of media files. I gained  much experience this summer and learned how to take suggestions and other ideas and incorporate them into my own to meet the expectations of the client.

Through the internship I’ve learned when a client comes to you with a project and they want it by a certain time, you need to prioritize your assignments and time in order to meet that deadline. I also learned that working with clients requires good communications skills. Organization is key or else deadlines wont be met. It is important to keeping in constant communication with clients while working on a project because changes can always be made to the clients liking.

I don’t know exactly where I will be in the coming years or what I will be doing but that is why i’m trying to broaden my skill set so that I may have flexibility in what i want to do. Gaining as much experience as possible will eventually help me determine what i want to do. For right now I am focused on finding a job that can make use of the skills I currently have.