Internship Review

Below are 3 main goals I sought to accomplish and how I accomplished them through my internship.

  1. Gain marketing experience

During my internship I learned to do marketing research on a company and what is look at when creating a successful marketing campaign. The things to look for being competitors and what they’re doing, marketing materials and an audience analysis.

2. Increase my ability to use the Adobe apps

Through this internship I have gained the ability to navigate multiple adobe apps in combination with my graphic design skills to produce material for a marketing campaign to make it more visually appealing.

3. Learn a new skill to make myself more marketable

Early in the internship I choose to learn how to 3d model using blender to produce a 3d model of a donut case for the Portias Donut website. Although the model didn’t end up being used I was successful in modeling both a donut and a case. This is a difficult skill to learn that not many know which in turn makes me more marketable.