What to do with my Spanish?

So you’ve got skills, huh? Spanish skills. That’s great. But what good is it if you can’t ever use them. You even know that Spanish can help you get a job. It might even get you a ticket to see more of the world. ┬áThen comes the frustrating realization that you don’t know how to use your Spanish.

That’s why the Professional Spanish Club was formed; we want you to take your Spanish further and we want your Spanish to take you further, too. The PSC can help you find out how to use your Spanish even if you majored in something else, especially if you majored in something else. There’s nothing better than using your Spanish in your career that you’ve been preparing for, and there’s never been a better time to have Spanish no matter what field you are in.

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Whether you’ve studied or trained in the medical field, safety engineering, criminal justice, social work, or many other occupations, Spanish can give you an advantage in the job market both here in the U.S. and abroad. Join the PSC for help in figuring all of this out and for opportunities to access college-level content, participate in exclusive live events like international conversation practice with native speakers, all while building a community of like-minded lovers of Spanish.

Membership in the club is free and gives you access to so much material and support. This is not classroom Spanish or run by robots. It’s run by real people, Ph.D.’s at a real university in Pennsylvania. And it’s about using Spanish in the real world. We say it’s “Real Spanish. Real life.” We’d love you to join us today. Visit the Membership page for more information and then join the club. Bienvenidos!

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