The Professional Spanish Club (PSC) is an exclusive club with exclusive benefits. Here’s all you need to know about becoming a member and enjoying the benefits. 

If a Member… The Member receives…
Signups/Joins the club: – Professional Spanish vocabulary cheat sheet in members discipline by email

– PSC Miembro (member) badge for LinkedIn and other social media channels

– An invitation to special members-only events, content, and experiences with notification through email and social media channels

Shares blog post or social media post: – Upgraded content access to course material and Quizlet vocabulary lists
Shares five items of any content: – Premium badge for social media channels
Recruits new club member/referral: – Upgrade to Embajador (Ambassador) status with badge

– A Profile on website

Contribute meme or blog post: – A Shout Out on social media
Contributes 10 memes and/or blog posts – A PSC certificate

Coming soon – more information on SWAGGY hats, t-shirts, and mugs for PSC members!