Ray Charles

While studying for the exam and listening to the songs ,one stood out in particular.  It was I Got A Woman by Ray Charles. Just his voice alone is so soulful and immediately drew my attention. I have heard of Ray Charles’ name before, yet I was unaware of pretty much anything about him or the song.  Ray was a pianist, singer, songwriter, arranger, saxophonist, and a skilled electric musician. The man knew how to play music, thats for sure. He moved t Seattle in 1948 and began playing in clubs and recording in a sophisticated rhythm and blues style. Ray had a charming personality and showed how a poor, blind man from the Deep South can overcome any obstacle.  His song I Got a Woman reached No. 1 on the R&B charts and reflected an advance in his musical style. Charles became known as “The Genius” with this new style that blended so well together. Charles later introduced pop influences, and eventually won multiple Grammys. However, Charles later on struggled with a heroin addiction and from that point his hits were hit or miss. Yet,  he still remained a big player in the music industry. In the late 70s, he released Brother Ray, which is the article in the reader. Charles died in 2003 from a liver disease. His musical talent and energetic personality can still be found today in his music. The Genius, Ray Charles, helped paved the for many musicians today.

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