Finishing my degree

Finishing a degree can be a challenge for anyone that starts at a college. A person could face major life changes all while trying to focus on their end goal of getting their degree. A move from one house to another, an illness in the family, or the birth of a child can all cause a distraction while trying to earn a degree. How does one push through this in order to meet their goal, you might ask? Determination, focus, and time. I am determined to finish my degree. I have to take the time to focus on my studies, and make my courses my number one priority. I cannot let my challenges of moving into my own house away from my parents and taking care of my little family completely distract me from finishing my degree. Have any of you had any major life challenges distracted you from your education? If so, how did you get passed the challenges in order to focus on your degree? If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact me.

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