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13 Reasons Why: What I thought about Season 3.

(Spoiler Alert)

13 Reasons Why Season 3 debuted on August 23, 2019 and has everyone talking.  The whole season is based around the murder of Brice Walker and from the perspective of the new character Ani.  Ani and her mother live in the Walker household so they can help Mrs. Walker with her ill father.

At first, I didn’t see the benefit of the show continuing pasted Season 1 since they covered everything about Hannah Baker.  But when they came out with Season 2, I was very excited to see the new direction of the show.  I was disappointed in Season 2, it was very graphic and it seemed that only bad things happened over and over again.  Season 2 was very uncomfortable for me to watch so much so that I almost didn’t watch Season 3.

Season 3 has been my favorite season of the show.  I enjoy crime shows so when I found out that Brice Walker’s character was killed off that sparked my interest.  The whole season I was convinced that Brice’s mother killed him, due to her lack of grieving about her only son’s death.  I didn’t expect Alex to be the one to push him into the water and watch him drown. That was the character that I least expected due to his quiet and sweet demeanor.  I was very impressed with how the writers of the show tied the whole story line together and made Ani cover up the murder.

A lot of my friends who watch the show thought that Zack did it.   I, on the other hand wasn’t convinced because Zack has an identity crisis between the “jock” guy and the sweet guy.  Zack ended up confessing to the murder because he thought he did committed the crime, but he only jumped Brice at the river and then left.  Throughout the season we had to watch Zack’s character constantly worry but we didn’t know why until the end.  I was also surprised by the fact that Monte was in the closet until the end as well.  I didn’t expect this from Monty’s character but it shows that someone who you least expect could be going through something very hard.  I thought the entire time that Monty killed Brice because Brice threatened to tell the police about Monty sexually assaulting Tyler.  Which was a very touchy subject to see and talk about do to how graphic the content is.  But, Tyler ended up gaining the courage to finally go talk to the police which resulted in Monty getting arrested for the crime.  Monty was killed in his prison cell on the last episode of the season.

Let me know what you guys thought of my review and Season 3 as whole in the comments below!!!


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