Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (Album I’ve Been Listening To)


Today I wanted to talk about an album I have been listening to a lot lately. The album is called “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct.” This album is the newest album from the metal gods themselves, Metallica. This is Metallica’s first album in eight years, and I have to say that this album might be one of their best albums I’ve ever heard from them. Metallica is mainly known for their hits such as, “Enter Sandman”, “Master of Puppets”, and “Nothing Else Matters”, but this album is so good considering how old the members of Metallica are now and how they are able to put out such an amazing sound for their first album in eight years. Here are some things and some of my favorite songs that I absolutely love from the album.

First, I wanted to talk about the sound and arrangements of the songs. All these songs have their own kind of sound and some songs sound like old Metallica, as well as newer Metallica. They basically mixed their different sounds throughout the years and put it all into their new album. Being a drummer, I really appreciate all the aspects they put into this album because some of the songs are really heavy and fast, as well as difficult to play on any instrument. Other songs are slower, but still just as heavy as Metallica has been forever.

Next, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite songs from the album and why they are considered my favorite songs on the album. The first song on the album, “Hardwired”, is a big favorite of mine on this album because it’s very heavy and fast and it was the perfect way to open the album. “Hardwired” was the first single released for the album, and this song has that feel from their very first album from back in 1983 entitled, “Kill ‘Em All.” It was so cool to see that Metallica went to their sound from all the way back from the beginning of Metallica. Another song I really enjoy is the second song on the album called, “Atlas, Rise!”. This song is a lot different from “Hardwired” because the tempo is a lot slower than “Hardwired”, but this song is arranged very strangely. There is a lot of time signature changes and I absolutely love songs that have a lot of time signature changes because they make no sense at all….unless you’re a musician. Another song that I love off this album is “Dream No More.” This song is very slow with a nice groove to it, but it is by far the heaviest song on the album in my opinion. You can easily tell that guitars are tuned down really low and that James’ voice is really raspy and creepy sounding. I love this song because of the groove it has in the beat. It’s a simple 4/4 beat during the whole song that makes you want to do the slow head bang to it. The last song that is considered one of my favorites is the last song on the album called, “Spit Out the Bone.” To me, this is my favorite song on the album out of all of the others. This song is a song I listen to daily because it’s just that good. This song is very fast and thrashy that it makes you want to go nuts. It starts off with a fast drumroll on the snare and it just builds up to this really fast 2/4 beat. This song has the best transitions because there’s nothing that they could’ve done better with them. The way the song flows is so good and each transition has myself mind-blown every time I hear the song. Most of the song is fast, but some parts get slow for a bit, and then picks right back up with the normal fast tempo. The drum fills in this song have me in awe because they fit so well.

Overall, this album is definitely one of Metallica’s best albums and it’s definitely worth to listen to the entire thing. I wasn’t a big fan of their recent album “Death Magnetic” back in 2008 because it just didn’t have that Metallica sound that I was hoping for, but in “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”, they definitely redeemed themselves. So if you’re a fan of metal, give this album a listen. It definitely won’t disappoint.

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