Genre for my Presentation (Progressive Metal)

The genre that I am presenting for my presentation is progressive metal. Progressive metal is a very interesting genre because it is a fusion genre that combines heavy metal aspects and progressive rock aspects. This genre of music is very well-known to be complex musically. This genre can basically use any instrument you can think of because since this genre of music is so complex musically that anything could fit in. Progressive metal isn’t a genre that really uses any screaming like a lot of metal is. Progressive metal really focuses on the musical aspects when it comes to crazy time signatures, long songs, and the use of many instruments. Progressive metal is very guitar driven so when you listen to this genre, the guitar is the one instrument that really stands out because it’s always kind of in your face when you’re listening to it. Some progressive metal bands include, Dream Theater, Trivium, Animals as Leaders, Haken, Iron Maiden, Mastodon, and Queensrÿche.

Progressive metal started to emerge in the late 1980’s with bands coming in like Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, and Tool, but didn’t really start to get popular until the 1990’s. I was introduced to the progressive metal genre when I was about 12-13 years old when I first started learning how to play the drums when I heard Dream Theater’s biggest hit, “Pull Me Under.” This is basically the only song that Dream Theater got famous from because it was a very energetic song that was playing on the radio many times a day back in the 1990’s. When I first heard “Pull Me Under,” I was very impressed with the musicality that this band brought to this song because it was very complex drumming, guitar driving, high singing, intense keyboard and bass playing. From there I started to listen to more Dream Theater and more progressive metal bands like Iron Maiden and Queensrÿche because I was still in that phase of the 1980’s hair metal bands when it came to myself learning how to play drums. My dad was a drummer also who taught me all the basics and he was big into the hair metal bands and that’s what he got me into when I first started. Once I learned all the basics, I pushed myself to learn this complex genre of progressive metal. Progressive metal music is a huge influence on me being a drummer and that’s the reason why I will be presenting on this genre of music.

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