Professional Biography


      I am an innovative and credentialed individual who has an extensive background in the field of communications media. I know without a doubt that I can use what I have learned to help you achieve any goal or problem you have.

      While my resumé may not be too extensive so far, what I have accomplished in the year as a communications media major was significant compared to most. I took my extensive knowledge to work with a team of individuals to direct, produce, film, edit, and coordinate radio shows for Sports Talk Live and a tv program named The Big Hit.  Furthermore, I have performed audio and video tasks while employed by the Kovalchik Convention and Athletic Complex such as running wire and assisting in switching equipment.

I have been a host and analyst with Sports Talk Live as well as a director and producer for The Big Hit.  All of what I have learned has been applied to a short film I assisted in making in the Aesop fable The North Wind and the Sun.

As far as awards go, I have achieved placement in my COMM 150 class assignment.  In a class of over 130 students and 25 groups, my team placed Top 3 at the end of the year for the video listed earlier, The North Wind and the Sun.