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Patience is another desired trait in a well-adjusted leader. In any workplace, things go wrong and it can be extremely frustrating. You have to have patience and a cool head to deal with problems that will occur. Patience is also good due to success often taking a painstaking amount of time to occur. 

Working for the military, or the government for that matter requires a lot of patience. I can recount weeks of inactivity, standing around, and static guard shifts that never ended. The job often required a lot of running the clock. Advancement in the military is often dictated by time.   

In the military, commanders are completely responsible for their soldiers. If anything happens to them, no matter the time, the company commanders have to deal with it. This may require an immense amount of patience if you are woken up to deal with a soldier whos been sent to the drunk tank. Commanders also have to deal with upset wives.

How does this translate to the civilian world? Employees will sometimes have personal problems that impede them from being able to work. You may have to train a new employee at a job. If you lose your cool ever it is very unprofessional.

If you have no patience, practice by purposefully engaging in scenarios where it will be tested. Recognize patience is not always the answer to issues, sometimes a firm hand is needed. What is socially acceptable to do is largely based on the work environment. Most situations will usually call for patience.  

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? What is a time your patience was tested? Please comment and be respectful. If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site. 

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