Professional Bio

I was born August 27th 1997 in Heerlen City, in a country called The Netherlands or Holland to be more specific. Both my parents were American soldiers and brought me all over the world with them. I went to four high schools, and was accepted to a military university, Norwich University at 17. I completed a year then enlisted in the Army National Guard as an 11Bravo also referred to as “The Infantry”. While going through basic training I learned important tasks and drills that formed me into a capable young adult.

Shortly after my training I returned to the Academy and continued learning skills to eventually become a leader in our Armed forces. Due to the long distance I would have to travel my unit allowed me to split train with other units. I completed two more years at the academy, all the while training with a multitude of different active duty units with varying MOS’s. This gave me a very different perspective of the military and put me ahead of my peers.

My junior year first semester I made the rank of specialist. Shortly after getting promoted I was offered a contract to commission as an officer at IUP and I took it, seeking to advance my career and join the Active Duty Army. My junior Summer I was sent to Fort Knox Kentucky to assist with training new Cadets for a month. After I completed that, I was placed in Tenth Regiment in advance camp for assessment concerning the skills I had learned the past three years.

Due to my past endeavors and military upbringing I surpassed many of the tests and placed third out of forty-one cadets in my platoon. I returned to IUP and awaited news on what the military would do with me. News arrived in September that I would become an Active Duty Ordinance Officer. Now I must finish my last semester of senior year then complete an internship and I will commission into the Army as a 2nd LT in August 2019.