Welcome to my blog, Genderpedia! I am Maddy Rosa, a senior English and Women’s and Gender Studies student interested in the intersections of Language, Gender, and Society. I started this blog because I believe that the best way you can get involved in something is by becoming more educated about it. Activism is very important to be a feminist, you can not argue for something and not try to make a change, but you cannot feel guilty if you’re not always able to be an activist, whether it be because you’re too young and parents don’t approve, or you are physically not able to. It’s okay!

Education is an important first step and recognizing that you’re a part of something systematic is salient to bringing those systems in place down. I felt guilty for so long whenever I bought into stereotypically feminine things because I thought that since it is a gender norm, I am feeding into it and enabling it. Taking a step back and realizing that the concept of femininity is problematic is a place to start. Then you can be aware of how you let that influence your decisions and stray away from the norm if you want to. It is not anti feminist though to be feminine.

If you found this, you’re probably interested in feminist concepts, or at least want to learn a little bit more about them. I’ll be posting feminist concepts from A-Z (literally) to help everyone get more insight into the movement.

I will try to post as often as possible, but I am a student, so it will all depend on timing. Please comment if you have helpful links, sources, or other information that you think would add to what I’ve included as well!

Thanks for reading!


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