Hegemonic Masculinity

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Hegemony is defined as leadership or dominance over others. Masculinity, at least in an American setting is typically socialized to be hegemonic. Hegemonic Masculinity is the societal standard that makes men feel like they need into a box that is seen as stereotypically masculine. In America, this standard is physical and nonphysical, typically,

1. A provider/”breadwinner”
2. Strong
3. Emotionless
4. Authoritative
5. Violent

These are problematic because it teaches boys that anything that is similar to femininity is not good. This is a form of sexism/heterosexism. We see this when little kids are growing up. It is okay for girls to be considered Tomboys if they act more boyish, but if boys act more feminine, then they are called sissies, pussies, or a bitch.

Hegemonic Masculinity feeds into oppression of marginalized groups. The language that is used by people that feed into hegemonic masculinity, use language that is also typically homophobic and misogynistic (meaning strongly prejudiced against women).
Homophobic words used to degrade men for being too feminine are usually:

Misogynistic Words used to degrade men for being too feminine are:

There are other forms of overt oppression that hegemonic masculinity feeds into as well like able-ism, racism, and classism.

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