Lifesteps uses a database called Salsa CRM. This database is a cloud-based software that helps non-profit organizations like Lifesteps to enter data about its sponsors and donors. The database can maintain contact data on relationships, interests, demographics, social media accounts, etc.

Today I created new entries for all the contacts in the database so that later anyone can log in and see the status of any given sponsor or donor. I entered the name of the individual, the company they are with, their address, phone number, email, and the relationship they have had with Lifesteps. For the prospect we met like Johnny Brennan, I would enter the amount of money they commit to donating for the Classic Golf event and when they will send it. I learned today that it is essential to document information. This allows for better understanding and easy access if a report is needs to be retrieved quickly.

Today, Jenna and I also visited three organizations in Indiana. The Caresalus Gutuoyao, KITS Brokerage Inc., and Kuzneski & Lockard Real Estate. We gave all these companies a letter introducing the Golf Classic event that includes all the names of the committee members.

Tomorrow morning, I will create social media communication strategies for Cassandra. To prepare for this assignment, I will have to research the different kinds of strategies used for social media marketing. In the afternoon, Jenna and I will be meeting with Brett Braun, COO of IRMC Group.

Hours worked on site today:

9 AM – 2:30 PM

Spent 30 minutes on this blog

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Time spent researching assignment

1 hr

Hours worked as of today:

106 Hours 30 minutes