Today,  Jenna and I solicited two businesses in Indiana; The 700 Shop and the Fast Times Screen Printing & Sign Co. Both companies mentioned that they were involved with the Lifesteps Golf Classic event. The owner of the 700 Shop, Josh Rosenberger, said that in the past, he used to pick the Tea/Green sponsor package for $150. Mr. Rosenberger found that it was beneficial to add $50 for him to play and make connections with other players in the event. Rosenberger gave us the contacts of other businesses in Indiana that were in the golf event last year and reminded us to reach out to them.

Johnny Brennan, a co-owner of Fast Times Screen Printing & Sign Co printed all the advertisements for the Classic Golf event in 2017. Johnny inquired whether he could print this year’s ads. However, John Creps Publishing had already signed up to print for us. Johnny said he would come up with a four-some (golf sponsor package starting at $1000). Johnny also gave us a list of other business in Indiana we can contact.

Today’s meetings were successful because both neither or knew the owners of these businesses but came back with promising leads that we can then follow up on in a few days. I’ve learned that even though Jenna and I did not have a personal/work relationship with the two businesses, they were willing to give us more contacts so we can reach out to other people in the community.

Tomorrow, I will call the new prospects I researched earlier this week.

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