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A Mid-Autumn Gridiron Comedy: The only book available combining old-school football techniques and extravagant musicals all in the same pages

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After many failed attempts to bring their outrageous vision on stage, Ralph and Vince, two wannabe Broadway performers are forced out of their job as directors of the high school musical.  That is, until Larry and Jim are relieved of their duties as football coaches because of lack of creativity.  In desperation, the group agrees to switch positions and have one week to prove they can do the other’s job.

What’s there to like?

  • Football “gurus” talking football
  • “Gifted” visionaries  talking musicals
  • Clueless football gurus talking musicals
  • Gifted creative visionaries bringing stage experience to football field
  • Adults acting like children
  • Teenagers acting out absurd plot lines
  • And more!

“Football is essentially one big choreographed dance.  You’re working with a group; everyone has a place they have to be at a certain time, if we think about it like that there’s nothing to it.  Problem is the team last year was doing the saddest dance I’ve ever seen.  No wonder they stunk.  Where’s the creativity?  Where’s the life?  Music is playing, you’re wearing costumes, you ought to be doing something special.”

– Ralph

“The book said the first thing every narrative needs is a strong, likeable character with a major conflict,” Larry says while picking up his notebook.  “So I picked a mail man named ‘Johnny’ who lost the keys to his mail truck.  Because who doesn’t like their mail man, and everyone can relate to losing their keys.”

– Larry

A Mid-Autumn Gridiron Comedy Download

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