July 24th Post


Today I continued my efforts to convert the PA media contact data given to me by Michelle at the beginning of the semester into an uploadable format. This process has been greatly aided by confirmation of the fact that, whoever created this data set, labeled the radio and TV stations as such.

I didn’t finish uploading the data today so moving forward I’ll be continuing with that. It can be relatively relaxing to work on data entry projects like this. However, it’s essential to be careful that you don’t copy correct data into the wrong cell.


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July 23rd Post


Today I began converting the PA media contact data which Michelle gave me earlier in the semester into a format that can be easily uploaded to Outlook. After I’ve created the files, even if I’m not able to double-check all of this information before the end of the semester, at least we’ll have some possibly correct data for many organizations throughout the state.

I wasn’t able to complete this today, so moving forward I’ll need to continue with this process. Data entry is a time-consuming task. It reinforces the importance of persistence, patience, and being careful.


July 22nd Post


Today began when I took note of my start time in Sticky Notes. I’m using three primary systems to track my time at this point. For quickly jotting down my clock-in and clock-out times, I use Sticky Notes. I then use that data for my own personal log and eTime. My personal log is primarily used for calculating the number of hours that I have completed and have yet to finish. eTime is used by IUP to calculate my salary.

Over the course of the semester, I’ve learned that my boss is OK with me taking a ten-minute break and that I don’t need to clock out for that. Moving forward, I’ll be trying to move the new PA media contact distribution system closer to being able to complete its objective. That’s also what I spent most of today trying to achieve.


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July 17th Post

File path of templates for uploading contact lists.


Today I clocked in and checked email. I also made sure that eTime was up to date and that I knew the number of hours remaining to be done for my internship. A major thing I accomplished today was refining the distribution system for the PA media contact lists.

I also drew upon my experiences as an over-the-phone technician and called newspapers serving Adams County. I observed that the people I spoke with were quite friendly and willing to provide the information I was after. Moving forward, Stephanie and I are hoping to meet for a demonstration of the contact distribution system I learned about for Outlook.


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July 16th post


Today I think I made significant strides updating the way in which media relations distributes press releases. I researched online and found out how to create and distribute contact lists. Learning about this feature and teaching my colleagues about it will hopefully be one of the most useful things I do while here at IUP.

Moving forward, I need to iron out the rough edges of this system. I also need to keep actually gathering contact information even as I’ve found a better way to distribute it.


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July 15th Post


Today I worked on finishing up the culinary externship press releases. This project has evolved from a project mostly about the dean’s list, to one that is about celebrating all culinary students who wanted papers notified about their externships.

Michelle has much appreciated the fact that, though I have had to turn in multiple versions of these releases, that I haven’t gotten discouraged. I’m learning that just buckling down and doing a job over and over again without complaint doesn’t go unnoticed at least by my supervisor. Moving forward, I still somehow need to make progress on collecting PA media contact information.


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July 12th Post


Today I had an opportunity to interact with the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Michael Powers. He asked me to digitize the information displayed on a large blackboard. It contained information about key stakeholders for IUP such as alumni and students. I was happy to digitize this information and even had an opportunity, through overhearing a co-workers phone call in my office, to provide it to another IUP worker as well.

It was good to learn about how this group of marketers brainstorms information. Moving forward, I still have to complete my search for media contact information. I’m becoming quite concerned that I may not get it done by the time the semester ends.


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July 11 Post


Today I proofread press releases for most of the day. I also took a couple trips down to the print center to pick up materials. Once it was for Molly Russell (Assistant Director of Brand Strategy), and the other time I don’t know who it was. I also researched press release software. I didn’t know before today that such a thing existed. I remembered that Michelle had told me that we use a service called Meltwater. I spoke with Stephanie to explore how we are using it and learned that it can’t do the kind of targeted search that I’m doing this semester.

I also spoke with Stephanie about the possibility of me continuing to work at Media Relations after the internship ends. It doesn’t sound like it will work out as there are no positions available. Moving forward, I may focus on finding media contacts again tomorrow.





July 10th Post


Today I calculated the hours that remained for my internship. I also continued talking with Michelle about my application to continue working at Media Relations when the semester ends. But mostly I worked on the culinary externship press releases.

Moving forward, I may be turning my attention back to searching for media contacts in Pennsylvania. Michelle will be back from her trip next week. I may be able to move the press release project forward then.





July 9th Post


Today I made sure that my time was updated in eTime. Then I worked on creating press releases using the pink sheets provided to me by Michelle. I focused on those which I knew to be Baking and Pastry students. I’m entering the information into the latest template provided to me by Michelle. Some proofreading may be necessary when I’m done with these.

It has become clear that not all of the pink sheets belong to students who are on the Dean’s list. However, most, if not all, of the baking and pastry student pink sheets were. I’m hoping that Michelle will return from her trip soon so that I can move forward on the rest of the releases with clarity. Today I also spent some time logging hours and updating my blog posts.


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