Network Theory/Postmodern Pedagogy by Thomas Barker and Fred Kemp (1990) “The essential activity in writing instruction is the textual transactions between students. These transactions should be so managed by the network as to encourage a sense of group knowledge, a sense that every transactor influences and is influenced by such group knowledge, and a sense […]

Revised Schedule

Nov. 1: Discuss Tech Pedagogy Nov. 8: In Class Work day: bring your podcast interview and work on podcast work on web site work on project work on wiki entries bring a rough draft of your 10 page project background information if you want to receive feedback Nov. 15: Project Conferences Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Nov. […]

My Technology History

Tell a story about one of your earliest important experiences with technology. Then describe some other memorable experiences you have had with technology. You can discuss low tech, like getting your first bike, or high tech, like getting your first smart phone or computer. You might also think about your first major experience with social […]

Defining Literacy

What is literacy? to read and reflect on what you read art–to read and liberate one’s mind from stereotypes/shackles of misconception background knowledge and knowledge of theory or practice or knowledge? skill ability to understand complex ideas ability to interpret the text (Freire) read the world and the word mastery of secondary discourse systems understanding […]

Tech Literacy

Please answer the following questions: What sort of literacy is needed in the digital age? What are the characteristics of a technologically literate person? How do people’s technology practices shape their literacy? How can we best teach technological literacy? What are the greatest problems that technology causes? What are the greatest benefits of technology?

Time Travel & Technology

Primary Blog Question When compared, the two film clips help illuminate a key question for this course: How has our relationship to technology changed over time? Secondary Blog Questions How has film technology changed? How have we changed as film viewers? How has our understanding of time evolved? How does fiction/science fiction impact our relationship […]


Freire says, “Reading does not consist merely of decoding the written word or language; rather, it is preceded by and intertwined with knowledge of the world” (p. 29). How do you think the world has shaped your view of reading? How has it shaped your students’ views? Freire also says, “Learning to read and write […]