Tech Free Day


  • How successful were you at going Tech/Literacy free for a day?

I completely failed my tech-free day. If I gave myself a grade, it would be an F.

  • What was the hardest thing about trying to go Tech/Literacy free?

The hardest thing about this assignment was to find a way to fit it within my currently course work. For example, I had a book review to complete over the weekend. I thought about trying to write my review in a physical notebook, but then that caused me too much anxiety about the time it would take to then type up the notes, as well as not being able to keep track of the word count. It was frustrating, so I resorted to using my laptop to write my review.

  • How did your friends/family respond to you do the task?

I honestly didn’t even tell my wife I was trying it. I spent most of the day in the library, so it didn’t effect her much. By the time the night came, I had given up, so we just watched Harry Potter.

  • What was the short term impact on you of doing this task?

The short term impact was mostly guilt. Every time I used a new form of technology, from the coffee grinder to my laptop, I felt guilty about it.

  • Was there any long term impact on you?

Perhaps the long term impact this attempt had on me was just a heightened awareness of my technology usage. I think it’s important to be aware of how dependent I am on technology, and understand the difference between that being good or bad.

  • Did going Tech/Literacy free cause you to get more physically active or less? Why?

My tech free day caused me to do less physical activity, due to the book review I had to write.

  • What did you miss the most while you were going Tech/Literacy free?

The thing I missed most was the non-guilty feelings I have every day.

  • I asked you to keep a simple journal about your experiences. Please review those entries and discuss something of interest that you wrote down.

I think the most interesting thing about my tech free day was the awareness of how much I depend on technology, of all forms. There is rarely a time where I am not directly connected to technology, even just electronic technology. A phone with internet capabilities is always in my pocket. Instagram and Facebook are only a touch away. The phone proved to me the most temptation for me. I’m addicted. I felt bad about it.

  • Overall, what did you think of this experience?

I think this is a fantastic assignment, and I wish I would have planned better so I could have succeeded more. A tech fast is often a much needed experience, and I hope to implement these in my home in the future.