Public Relations

So you just graduated and need a job let me know you find one. Public Relations are a great job in the field of communications and media.  One of the main job responsibilities is managing reputation for your clients.  You always help to create a bond between the organization and the public.  Public Relations tries to draw positive attention to their clients through the use of social media. Social media plays a big part in this career, especially when social media is so important right now.


There are tons of jobs you can have on the Public Relations field. You can be a manger, director, and specialist in the Public Relations field. You can go straight out of college and work in an entry-level position. The started salary for an entry-level position is 48,877.Go on Indeed or any other job websites and look for a Public Relations job, they are always hiring.  Leave a comment or email me with your questions, also let me know what you think of my new blog post.

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