Part 1 of Writing the Script

This is the part when we start actually writing the script. So you have created the storyline or idea that you want your script to be about. You have the character name for your story and created the setting.  You might be confused or thinking how to I actually start the script, don’t worry I will help. When I was writing my script I used a software called Celtex its for scriptwriting and other production work. It made formatting the script very easy for me and I advise that you should use it.  When it comes to writing stories or scripts they follow what is called Freytag’s pyramid.  There are five parts to the Freytag’s pyramid but we going to talk about the first part today.

The first part of the of Freytag’s pyramid is the Exposition. The Exposition is the introduction to the story. When writing your Exposition you want to introduce characters, settings, and any background information.  You might be thinking that it will be very hard to create an Exposition, so let me help you break it down.  First thing you want to make sure you introduce all your main characters and make sure you give physical description when introducing them. This is so the reader can picture what they look like in their head.

The next blog will be discussing about what do do after you write the Expostion.  If you have any questions you can leave a comment or send me an email.  This is a link for extra  help on how to format your script.

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