Now That The Expostion Is Done

By this time you have written the first part of your script that is called the Exposition. Initially when I was writing my script I decided to save  all the editing and grammar checks for the end of the script. I discovered this wasn’t a good idea. I had a lot of errors and it became confusing as a result. I realized that I should have set up periods of times to do my editing while I was writing. It would have been easier and created a more organized approach. So to make it simpler for you I want you to proofread the Exposition that you just wrote. You will thank me later when the script is done, trust me.

Proofreading is very important. Having someone else proofread for you will help identify your mistakes and make sure that your writing is clear and concise. For some writing using correct grammar can be difficult and takes a very organized approach. I have personally struggled with grammar and still struggle with grammar till this day. That’s why I always ask for help proofreading my work. Don’t be embarrassed and ask somebody to proofread your work. If you ever want some practice writing you can always go on YouTube to look at grammar lessons. Many feel these videos are very helpful. I still watch these videos and practice everyday.  Make sure you edit and proofread your Exposition before the next post. The next post will be talking about the Rising Action and describing what that is. Like always you can comment or email me with questions. You can always share my post on your own social media.

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