Getting Started

The first step of writing a script is thinking what the idea or story that you want to go with. If you are having trouble of thinking of what to write about brainstorm some ideas and things you like. Brainstorming can help you gain a lot of ideas and narrow down them. When I was writing my script I was having a lot of problems of think about the idea that I wanted to go with. When you write your ideas out on paper it helps you a lot because you get to see your ideas. That’s why brainstorm played a huge part in finding my idea.

You could ask your peers if your idea is good and they can  give you some good feedback. Asking people what they though about my idea for my script help me out a lot .Another thing to think about is the type of genre that you want your story to be. You can have genres like drama, comedy or combine genres like romantic comedy. This part may seem frustrating but when you find that great idea, the other parts will come together. The next post will discuss what the plan is after you find your perfect idea. If you have any questions you can comment or email me.

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