Women’s Sports in Sports Media.

Women have sports too. It is rarely covered and not widely popular. Why doesn’t the media cover them more?

What is the issue here? There is nothing stopping them from being covered, is there?  The answer is the popularity, but also the genetics. It’s true women’s sports don’t really attract the most people. It doesn’t bring the most excitement to the audience.  It’s a cultural thing.

Let me use the WNBA as an example. When you compare the two leagues (NBA and WNBA),  you can see the similarities. Both are a professional basketball leagues. Both have star athletes, coaches, fans.  The big difference is the genetics. In the NBA, they can dunk. In the WNBA they can’t.  Dunking brings excitement.   Excitement brings tickets and more coverage. This is no where close to the WNBA’s fault. I think most of the blame needs to go on the media. We don’t market it enough! We don’t take time to promote an upcoming game, and if we do, we rush through to get it done. We can’t be doing that!

We never once talked about the WNBA on “Sports Talk Live”,  We never even tried. That is the problem.  I have to try to make more room in the show to talk about these sports. These are athletes who put everything into their craft to be the best at their sport.  They deserve recognition.

The thing you need to do is find time. Find a way to talk more about the women sports (some are actually better than men sports). Even if you have to stop talking about something for one day just to fit in the sport, do it! It will bring more attention to the sport.

Question time! What is one women’s sport that you enjoy to watch and why? Please comment your answers below!

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