Sports Media Ethics

Ethics are important no matter what you do.  They’re extremely important when it comes to sports media. Sports media ethics are different from the shock value that I talked about in a different post. I will also be using the self claimed “super genius” Mark Madden as an example of ethics in sports media.

A lot of people assume they can say whatever they want on the radio (I will be using the radio since it’s the medium I know the most).   The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will easily put a stop to that, but only because some things shouldn’t be said over the radio.

When it comes to Sports Talk Live, we aren’t allowed to swear.  You might think it’s hard for a college student to not swear, but trust me it’s very easy.

When it comes to ethics on the sports radio, you must always make sure your facts are correct. You’re giving information to your entire audience.  If it’s not correct,  and they find out, it could ruin your image and your reputation.   You could lose your audience.

Also how you act, your tone of voice when you talk, and how you treat your guests says a lot about your ethics.  Even if it’s radio, people can pick up tones and can tell if you’re being a jerk.  Mark Madden is a good example of bad ethics. He takes calls on his sports radio show where he spends 90% of the time calling the caller “stupid”.  He tries to make the caller think he is wrong for having a different opinion than Mark.  This adds to his shock value, but it also shows bad ethics. Now in terms of if it hurts Madden, that is kinda hard to determine.  Since most of the callers now try to mess with him to make him say these things. Don’t be a Mark Madden! Yes he has a following in Pittsburgh.  I personally think e it damages your image more than it enhances your sports followers.

What I did, and still do, is fact check everything you are going to put out there for everyone to hear, read, or see. When you’re on-air, always watch what you say and how you treat people! Get feedback! Ask your co-hosts after a show what they thought about your tone and how you acted. Take their feedback and work with it.  It will always help you become a stronger sports media figure.

Question time! What do you think is the worst thing you do when it comes to sports media ethics? Please comment your answers below, I would love to read them!

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