Disadvantages in Sports Media

You might think working in sports media doesn’t have any cons, but it actually does. It’s hard to believe, but before you dive right into the media, you probably should know the biggest disadvantage.  When you make a statement about a sports topic, you must be ready for the fans that will disagree with you. They will comment hate and anger on your twitter posts, your website, any way they can give feedback.

The main obstacle of this is the fact that you have to have thick skin. You have to be prepared for the feedback. You might not think this is a disadvantage, but it’s not always easy to take the feedback.

I take feedback from my friends after every show I do on the radio. My friends sugarcoat it and don’t really give the truth about how I did during the show, but I am still prepared for the bad feedback.

What you should do is be prepared for negative feedback.  It helps to have the ability to shrug things off. It’s so important to have thick skin! Be able to take a hit, but keep on going. People won’t always like what you say in this field.  Just keep chugging along. Some people will also enjoy what you have to say,  Focus on those people.  Let the positive feedback encourage you.

Question time! What was the most important feedback you have received? Please post your answers below!

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