What Form Of Medium Should You Use?

In the last post I asked you this question: “what is the biggest sports media medium in the world right now?” The correct answer is social media, but Twitter is the biggest social media platform for sports media.

Today’s topic is all about picking the right medium for you. Medium is defined as any form or system of communication, this could be anything from newspapers, radio, TV, or any form of media you can use to communicate. This is actually a very tricky thing, you might think that being on TV is the best thing to be on, but it might not be the best thing for you and it might not work with your strengths.

Something that is a common thought is that: Radio is a falling medium.

That thought is far from the truth. Radio is actually getting stronger and it’s rising in the sports media world.  It’s easy to turn on a radio show and listen to it on the go.

When it comes to TV it can be more nerve racking due to everyone being able to see your reactions and facial expressions. Personally I like radio better, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it to see how it feels to you. Try all of it, your first choice might not be your strongest.

Buzzer Beater

In today’s buzzer beater I want to mention that no matter what medium you pick, whether it was newspapers, radio, or TV. No matter what it is not one medium is easier than the other. You might think radio is easier than newspapers, but you still have to keep the audience entertained no matter the medium and with each different medium means different hurdles you have to climb in order to get your point across and to keep people wanting to tune in. In short, stay humble.

Next post we will be talking about sports personalities.

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